Our mission is to create great dancers. In a nurturing and supportive environment, we bring world-class Vaganova training to students that enables them to achieve the highest levels of technique and artistry and celebrates their individual successes, personal growth, and accomplishments. We seek to not only educate and support the new generation of dancers through the rich heritage of Vaganova technique, but to amaze, excite, and embolden them as the future of our art.




Conveniently located on Blackwell Road, we offer a state-of-the-art studio space with plenty of parking while only being minutes away from the charms of Old Town Warrenton in beautiful Fauquier County for families to explore while students are in class.

484 Blackwell Rd., Ste. 102, Warrenton, VA 20186 | info@warrentonballetcenter.com | 540-200-8212

I trained with Miss Ariana for 3 years. Throughout those years I learned and grew as an individual overall due to her welcoming and inspiring techniques of coaching. The training was personalized, which made her teaching strong and respectable. I feel as though Miss Ariana has prepared me greatly for my upcoming future in the dance industry.

Tiffany H., Student

As a superior dance instructor, Ariana is educated in many dance genres. Every student that walks through the studio doors is taught and treated as an equal among their peers. No favoritism is ever shown. Ariana excels at teaching strong technique while nurturing her students. She’s intuitive to know what her students are capable of and encourages them to reach their potential.¬†Ariana gave my daughter confidence when she needed it. Ariana created a safe space for her to fail and thrive all without judgement and was not afraid to give tough love when needed. She has inspired my daughter to be a leader and a role model along with teaching her skills that she’ll need to carry into the dance world and life in general. As a parent, I am extremely grateful towards Ariana for everything she has done for our family.

Lori H., Parent

I took Ariana’s classes every day throughout high school and could not have asked for a more wonderful teacher. She’s an incredibly warm and welcoming person who does her best to understand her students’ positions. She knows her students’ boundaries and personalizes instruction to fit each person. Ariana’s corrections are precise and help the dancer picture correct form. I enjoyed her classes and felt like I was being pushed to do better every time.

Isabel P., Student

My daughter had the opportunity to dance under Ariana Myers for one year. She learned discipline, endurance, and improved in her dancing more than she ever has. Ariana pushed her to what she knew she could do and be. Though the work was hard, she enjoyed having her as an instructor. I definitely recommend Ariana and wish we were able to have her instruction longer.

Jaymie W., Parent

I had the opportunity to dance under Ms. Myers for one year. In that time, my technique improved tremendously. She wasn’t afraid to push me to become the dancer she knew I could be. She has been one of my favorite instructors.

Aryna W., Student

Ariana Myers taught both of my daughters, and we loved her energy and passion! Ariana demonstrated setting high goals and achieving them through hard work and dedication. My girls danced stronger technically under Ariana’s instruction. They always left her class exhausted yet energized at the same time. Never before had my daughters strived to achieve such high standards. Ariana truly brought out the best in all the dancers. We are thankful for her hard work ethic and creativity. She choreographed one of the best children’s ballet productions,¬†Thumbelina, that we all still talk about to this day! Ariana inspired the dancers daily with her commitment to make dance and art come to life. This sentiment still rings true today in both of my girls, who are both still living out their dance dreams today.

Misty T-S., Parent

Most dance instructors do not take adult ballet dancers seriously. Ariana maintained her capabilities and talent over and over again while teaching younger dancers in with adult dancers; she never missed a correction that needed to be addressed, however as adults, she understood and respected the aging body. If I had a question after class about a combination, she was always patient in showing and explaining it to me. I cannot give enough compliments. Ariana has an outstanding work ethic, is motivated, talented, passionate, and is a very kind and caring dance teacher and person. She gives a source of professionalism in class that remains constant. Not all dance teachers are created equal; she is the definition of grace.

MaryAnn F., Adult Student