The first program we offer is our pre-professional morning program. Students, ages 14-22, are invited into this program through audition only, and it is intended to prepare students for a professional career. In this program, students are required to take a minimum of twenty hours of classes per week and will be primarily instructed and coached by the artistic director. From September-May, guest instructors will be brought in to ensure that students are exposed to various teaching styles from some of the most renowned teachers in the world. Additionally, at the discretion of the artistic director, students will be given the opportunity to be coached to attend prestigious competitions such as YAGP, International Ballet Competition, and World Ballet Competition.


In-Person Auditions

Live auditions are coming soon.

Video Auditions

Video auditions should be a total of 10 minutes or less and be sent to as a viewable YouTube or Vimeo file. Please also attach a headshot and a photo of yourself in first arabesque. Your videos should include the following:

Barre (exercises may be shown only on one side):

Rond de Jambe, Fondu, Frappe, Adagio, Grand Battement

Center (both sides, please):

Adagio, Tendu, Pirouettes, Petit Allegro, Grand Allegro

Pointe (both sides and only if applicable):

Echappe, Sissone simple with ballonne, Pirouettes, Traveling turns

Men’s Jumps (both sides and only if applicable):


Classical Variation


Please do not register your child for this program unless you have received an acceptance letter. To register your child for the pre-professional program, please click the link and create an account. From there, please fill out the form in its entirety and register your child for the program. If you have multiple children, you will need to add each student separately under your parent account. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email



2022/2023 CALENDAR


Please purchase the required items via the link below by clicking on your class. Female students may purchase ballet pink tights, ballet pink canvas ballet shoes, ribbons, and pointe shoes where they prefer, and male students may purchase white calf-height socks and white canvas ballet shoes where they prefer. Female students must wear their hair in a ballet bun for all classes, or if your hair is too short, it must be securely fastened out of your face. Male students should also wear their hair out of their faces if long or keep it short. Students must adhere to the following dress code:

Female students: 2 black leotards and 1 black skirt (purchase at link below), ballet pink tights, ballet pink canvas shoes with ribbons, and pointe shoes

Male students: 2 white t-shirts, 2 pairs of black tights, and 2 black or nude dance belts (purchase at link below), white socks, and white canvas shoes